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Somerset Design Group (SDG) Technologies
We Custom Build Web Sites that Sell Products and Services Online
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Web Services
We design, build, and host web sites for our Dealers, and lots of other businesses. We also host and service them. We're 100% part of the Somerset family; we're the Division called Somerset Design Group (SDG) Technologies. As a private developer of large, medium, and small E-Commerce sites, we use the consultative model. That is, we're like a design-build construction firm. We work with you on the concept, the specifications, the layout-- as would an Architect. And then we change hats, and become your construction company. We're the whole package, located in one place.
We are able to help you:
  • figure out if you even need a web site.
  • decide what kind of web site you should have.
  • design it, just like an architect helps with your idea of a house.
  • host your site, and keep it backed up with a fresh copy every night.
  • obain Consultation Services regarding web site optimization-- making your site search engine friendly is a science unto itself; we can help you get started.
  • provide your site with online video streaming-- got a movie clip you want your visitors to see?
  • benefit from our specialty experience in providing internet services to Manufacturers who have regional or national retail dealer networks. (Diamond Manufacturers, for example, such as our clients at DiamondJourney.com)
  • archive and stream Video films, clips, presentations, or educational materials
  • present in your site a variety of Flash components, including professional writing and flash design (as in custom Flash introductions, such as found in at MichaelLaurenGallery.com
  • with custom Logo design and creation for web use
  • with custom graphics design for your Web Site
  • save money through use of a "war chest" of professionally built Design Themes, the cost-conscious approach to site design

We Build online "E-Commerce" Stores for:
Domain Name Services
The Domain Name is a separate "property" from the web site itself. As a separate entity, the Domain Name needs special care and keeping, because it can be mis-managed and the site can come down, sometimes permanently. We therefore have become a licensed ICANN Domain Name Service Provider, having created a professional business affiliation with the large Domain Registrar, Tucows.
That means we also:
  • purchase Domain Names for our clients
  • help our clients with their Domain Name management

As required by our license agreement with Tucows, we have posted Our "Terms and Conditions" for our Domain Services below. When you click on the following link, you will read our Terms and Conditions Agreement.  This documents how our Domain Services operation functions. Therefore, when you use our Domain Services Program, you agree to the following: (read our long Agreement form)
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